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Learn about how our performance-based model is changing the way law firms work with marketing teams.

Pay-Per-Lead Marketing

A performance-based model where you only pay your marketing team for new business leads.


The idea was simple:

Let’s come up with a marketing plan where a client only pays our team based on performance rather than a monthly retainer.


The execution is also not that hard:

We obtain photos and/or videos of your business, create advertisements, build a sales funnel, and create an email campaign.

You ONLY pay us when a new lead gives their contact information for your service.

Who says marketing has to be so complicated and expensive?


Lead Generation Funnel

Generate Photos & Video

First, we acquire multimedia to use for the lead generation ads.

Create a Welcome Offer or Free Consultation

We need to create a welcome offer that will “wow” your potential customers into choosing your business.

Create Advertisements

We choose the proper channels to use for your business advertisements and show your target audience your special welcome offer.

Customers Give their Contact Information

A customer that shows interest will fill out the integrated form, providing you with their email and phone number.

That Contact Information is Ready for Follow Up

You can then follow up with the interested customer by phone and they will also be sent to the welcome email sequence for your business.

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